Health Coaching: What? — Let's Meet Stephanie

by Barbara Powell

Stephanie Wagner, NBC-HWC, MA shares a 1-minute meditation with Not Quite Sunday editor, Barbara Powell.

Our first health coach in the series is a passionate, engaging, and self-aware one. Stephanie Wagner, NBC-HWC, MA is a not-so-hidden and oh-so-mindful gem in the Twin Cities. This certified health coach not only shows up to her mat for meditation, but also teaches the practice at Tergar Meditation Community. She provides one-on-one coaching through Inner Fire Health Coaching using a mindfulness-based approach—one that has guided her own state of health. You can catch her leading a fitness class at the YWCA or even join her in Napal on a Himilayan Wellness Retreat in October 2020. Learn more about Stephanie's approach and her message about coaching here.

Visit Stephanie on Instagram: stephaniewagner_healthcoach

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Stephanie Wagner, NBC-HWC, MA discusses an upcoming opportunity to embark on a wellness journey to Nepal in 2020.