Health Coaching: What? — Let’s meet Rosemary

by Barbara Powell
Video shot and directed by Christopher Rossing and edited by Kirk Klocke

Our next health coach is seasoned, joyfully involved within the community, and an incredible human to grow alongside. Rosemary Parece describes health coaching as a “scaffold for self-help.” At the George Wellbeing Center in Minneapolis, Rosemary will help you to see the whole picture in your health and wellbeing. What does this include and what can you expect from a session with Rosemary? Hint: It’s all about choice, so go ahead and get empowered: Schedule a free Foundation session with Rosemary online or call 612-465-0468. For anything else, email her at

Rosemary Parece, Psy.D., NBC-HWC, a board-certified Health & Wellness Coach, discusses her practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota.