Stop to Check Out Glass Workshop Changes Woman's Entire Life and Career

By Kirk Klocke

Alexandria Young decided one day that the college major she chose wasn’t for her. A roadside sign about a nearby glassblowing school caught her attention. She visited, tried a beginner glasswork experience, and immediately fell in love with the craft.

Since then she has dedicated her life to glass art. The school that first caught her attention now employs her full-time as a teacher, and she regularly seeks out master glassblowers and torchworkers to help elevate her craft.

She says that because of all the time she spends with glass, she “has no life.” But as you’ll see, her life is far richer and meaningful than most 20-somethings. This is another one where my objectivity is out the window, because I’m totally taken by this subject’s talent, persistence, and inner strength. Follow Alexandria on Instagram @aryduck

Alexandria Young in 2019 at the Sonoran Glass School

Alexandria Young in 2019 at the Sonoran Glass School