Meet the author: Barbara

My name is Barbara.

No one my age seems to have this name.  My parents gave it to me because it was my Grandmother’s, who was a liquor-happy romantic with a propensity toward hummingbirds.

I grew up in rural Massachusetts to a staunchly Catholic household that had unsurprisingly impacted much of what I stand for now (spoiler: it’s not quite Catholicism. Not at all). I’ve moved states, switched careers, had several lovers, and a luckily-failed engagement. Through that I’ve become an ever-evolving 3o-year-old-something living in Minneapolis, learning how to write and love with passion and how to live with vibrancy.

I moved to the gray Midwest from the colorful New York City. I loved the City. I loved the pulse of no-matter-the-hour that throbbed with the heartbeat of its millions of people. I loved the long avenues and yellow taxis and the black gypsy cabs. I loved the pavement that assisted me on every run, the miles and miles in the bike lane as I ignored the stomping flow of the slowing sidewalk. I loved the late night friends made in pubs and the early morning crew I sweated with at bootcamps and the mid-afternoon meetings of creatives in coffee shops on the corner of Lexington and some-street.

But, I did not love the intensity. I did not love the weighted expectation that accompanied each day. I did not love the way I started waking early morning with a clenching grip on my chest, as though the world was resting between my breasts. I did not love the hustle and the grind to make rent, make moves, make it happen. I did not love the way I was falling out of love with myself and spiraling away from what inspired me.

My move to Minneapolis gave me many beautiful things that New York City had not. It gave me the perspective shift of culture shock. It gave me to ability to define who I am and what inspired me. It gave me the power to move out of one life and move on in a way that was sustainable and just-scary-enough to propel me toward what I truly wanted. It gave me the time and space and ability to write, to create, to get on stage and perform. It gave me a leap into career change and a truly life-changing Masters program in Integrative Health and Well-being. It gave me an engagement ring and it gave me the chance to hand that ring confidently back. Because in this state, I learned that I stand for a life that is uniquely my own and no one else’s.

I just had to figure out what that meant.

This deep dive into myself and the accelerated journey toward happiness, self-growth, and positive regard for who we all are has opened up something quite unique. I am fiercely aware of the many lives, the many beliefs, the many ways of loving, and learning, and growing and being. I am primed to reveal, to discover, and to celebrate the beauty of the world and all her artistry.

This site, Not Quite Sunday, is the opportunity to do just that.

This is a platform for artistry and creative insight: it is a launchpad to shine, to share, and to show the truth in blooming and becoming.

We are all simply moving in a direction of our own ideal, our definition of happiness, our version of Sunday.

My name is Barbara and this is the magic of Not Quite Sunday. ♦