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Barbara Powell, NBC-HWC is a poet, health coach, and runner in Minneapolis. Barbara attends the University of Minnesota, where she is a Master’s Degree candidate in Integrative Health and Well-being Coaching. She graduated from Bentley University in Massachusetts with a B.A. in Marketing and English Creative Writing.

Barbara is passionate about present-moment living, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. She explores these topics on her site, The Day Between Blog. In 2019 she founded the Minneapolis-based culture blog, Not Quite Sunday, where her writing serves as a bridge between her professional practice and real life.

She has published in Life in Minnesota, Piecework Bentley University, Bier Magazine, and Level Renner. In her early professional life, Barbara was a Marketing Rep with Nike in NYC and then the Northeast Sales Manager for Skechers Performance. The corporate world introduced a lifestyle she did not want to grow into — so, as part of a career shift into Health & Wellness, she partnered with a Functional Medicine practitioner in Minnesota, where she was appointed Wellness Director after a year-long study.

A middle child of twelve from a small town in rural Western Massachusetts, Barbara connects with the need to speak up and stand out. Committed to health and wellbeing, she is an avid fitness enthusiast, completing nine marathons and twice qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

A California friend recently described her as “Non Stop. Eclectic. Adventurous. And Spunky.” Another, perhaps more truthful, friend from NYC described her as “Passionate. Purposeful. Pursuant. And Impulsive. F*ck, that’s a lot of P’s.”

Contact: barbara@notquitesunday.com

Follow Barbara on Instagram @barbara_mary_powell

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kirk klocke

Kirk Klocke is a freelance writer, editor, and creative producer in Minneapolis. He holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from Columbia University in New York, where he was a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow in Medical and Scientific Journalism.

Kirk has written for International Business Times, Scientific American Blogs, Elite Daily, Sharing Mayo Clinic, Schmidt Ocean Institute, the Marine Science and Technology Foundation, the consumer tech startup Unboxed.tv, and numerous commercial copywriting clients. He serves as a storytelling coach and assistant producer for The Nocturnists, a San Francisco based live medical storytelling event and podcast. In his free time he volunteers as a news room assistant at Minnesota Public Radio in St. Paul, and he continues to write for and develop the culture blog, Not Quite Sunday. His 2009 audio interview with Stormé DeLarverie, who was credited with throwing the first punch in the Stonewall riots and kicking off the worldwide gay rights movement, will appear this fall 2019 at Queer Forms, a multidisciplinary group exhibition and series of public programs at  University of Minnesota’s Regis Center For Art, Katherine E. Nash Gallery.

As a kid, Kirk grew up in a medical family with a Dad who was a physician and Mom who was a nurse; both of his parents are also artists - a master woodworker and master quilter, respectively. He was always curious about how the world works, and was never satisfied with the answer, ‘because I said so.’ Over the years his interest has shifted from how things work to why people do what they do. That intense drive to explore complex social phenomena stems from his social awkwardness and desire to connect. His written and documentary journalism will continue to explore social nuances and greater truths that drive human behavior.

Contact: kirk@notquitesunday.com

Follow Kirk on Twitter: @citizenkirk and Instagram: @opticalresolve