life shake-up:

flight ‘down under’, forgive, and let go

Our Co-Founder Barbara went to Australia on a mission to pick up the pieces and find peace amid the start of a new phase in her life - one of singular self confidence and love, following several years of movement. She’ll file stories from the road and we’ll post them here, so that you may watch her journey unfold.

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Life offers many pivot points. Opportunities to say yes, I am going to do this. Or opportunities to mutter, no, I am quite safe where I am. This upcoming trip to Australia feels like that kind of pivot. Read More >>

Shake it Up Part 2: (self) Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a muscle to flex. Just runners can log miles of training for a marathon to get to the finish line, I can practice forgiveness in the above ways. Just like running a marathon, forgiveness can be hard. Some efforts more difficult than others. Yet, it is achievable and the outcome is well worth it. And perhaps just like running, there really is no finish line in the pursuit of bettering oneself. Read more >>



Shake it Up Part 3: Letting Go

We are not defined by our stories: of our past, of our upbringing and conditioning, of the people who hurt us, of the regrets we hold onto. These stories can wash away with the tide, flowing onto our beaches like debris. We can choose to seek out a new resting place for them and we can choose their significance and meaning after all.  

Our lives are filled with meaning. Our lives are filled with love and new experiences and opportunity to face these old, worn out stories. And re-write them. I am slowly rewriting and editing my own. Read More >>

Shake it Up Part 4: Settling into the Queendom

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to say yes. Well, to say much of anything at all. Read More >>

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Storytelling Group Fills Void Left By Modern Healthcare Professionals’ Flagging Faith

How one young doctor is leading a movement to inject humanity back into medicine

emily green room -bw nqs sq.jpg

on Emily Silverman, m.d. and the rise of the nocturnists

In a culture that increasingly worships work more and faith traditions less, few classes of people fall higher on the hard work totem pole than doctors – especially rising academic physicians, who sacrifice their scarce free time to be productive enough to be taken seriously among the medical elite. The efforts that propel them closer to those who they venerate further remove them from the everyday world, driving a cycle of isolation and loneliness that them with an outsize risk of depression, substance abuse, and suicide.

Read More >>>


‘my body’

A visual and poetic celebration of women and their bodies, held sacred in a time of healing and truth-telling.

We’ve chosen this series to enunciate the personal power of resilient women. The My Body series celebrates each individual woman: her unique strengths, beauty, honesty, and reality. The collection of photography and self-curated writing reveals an expressed comfort, connection, and love of her body. These women are unafraid to share that comfort, connection, and love in a creative way.

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