Health Coaching: What?

a series by Not Quite Sunday

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a healing space that complements your medical care

Health Coaching offers a space where that discovery process can happen. Coaches listen with empathy to each person’s experience. We are human too, continuing to “do the work” ourselves. Coaches create an open and explorative space where clients can unpack and process. Nothing is prescriptive. It simply allows clients to come as they are and move in the direction they want to go that day. The client always chooses. Over time, those intentional moments can lead toward shifts and self-realization.


Editor’s note: This is the first in a multi-part summer series on the emerging field of integrative health & wellness.

On Getting un-stuck:
Health coaches as mirrors into our psychological blind spots

In the last 15 months I’ve established solid work history and a healthy home environment. I’ve found meaningful activities and connections. Life is looking up, but with more clarity comes more pain, because forging ahead entails looking in the mirror with brutal honesty. I don’t expect to move up a rung on the hierarchy of needs this coming year, but I want to. I’m willing to run. I’m willing to talk. I’m willing to let myself feel the anger and sadness and mourn the loss of time spent hiding inside myself.

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